Why the name change?


Movement.org, formerly known as The New York City Leadership Center, was founded in 2008 to increase the leadership effectiveness of church and non-profit leaders across Greater New York City. The focus was primarily NYC based.

Beginning with the launch of Movement Day in 2010, the Center increasingly received invitations to serve cities nationally and globally. The invitations focused on how best to convene church, non-profit, and business leaders within a city so that the city could flourish spiritually and socially. Through 2018, 15 different cities in 5 continents will launch a Movement Day expression.

Given the increased global nature of our ministry, the name Movement.org better reflects the current realities and future direction of our ministry.

No. In fact, we deepened our commitment to the New York City area in 2017. Recognizing our increasing national and global reach, we established a division – LEAD.NYC – with a dedicated focus to ministry in Greater New York City. Under the leadership of Adam Durso, LEAD.NYC focuses on engaging and equipping NYC-area pastors, marketplace, and ministry leaders for the spiritual and social flourishing of the city. Visit www.LEAD.NYC for a fuller picture of our NYC ministry.

In 2018, Movement.org will help facilitate Movement Day expressions in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. While Movement Day began in New York City, today over 100 global cities are expressing interest in Movement Day as a way to bring the Body of Christ together for the spiritual and social good of good of their cities.

Movement.org is our organizational name. It serves as an umbrella, covering both our focused ministry in New York – LEAD.NYC – and the shepherding of Movement Day expressions around the world.

Movement Day is a collaboration of Christian leaders and influencers uniting a region by crossing denominational, ethnic, geographic, and socio-economic divides. It’s a story of men and women experiencing the joy of driving measurable progress against the greatest spiritual, social and ethical challenges of their region.

Movement.org will continue to foster the development of Movement Day expressions around the world. Visit www.movementday.com to see what God is doing through Movement Day expressions.

Our mission is to catalyze leaders to spiritually and socially impact their cities through rigorous research, uniting prayer, unified local leadership, and powerful collaboration between diverse sectors.

We believe something powerful happens in a city when Christian leaders come together across generational, cultural, denominational, and socio-economic lines. While division in the church breeds atheism in the world, the unity in the church is the aroma of Christ to the world.

God is using Movement Day to bring the Body of Christ together in a region. But beyond a gathering, Movement Day serves as an accelerator for leaders – church, business, non-profit – to collaborate together in addressing a region’s most stubborn spiritual and social realities. non-profit = community? service?

We all have many diverse gifts to offer and, in turn, there are many ways in which you can make a difference to Movement.org’s work. Our mission focuses both on intense prayer and organized action to transform our communities. So please pray for our vision of cities united in the gospel.

You can also volunteer in a number of ways, by donating your time to networking with church, community and marketplace organizations in your region to share Movement.org’s mission; helping launch an expression in your city; volunteering at expressions and Movement.org events and by donating what you can to help us spread the gospel around the world.

If you live in or near New York City, there are many opportunities to support the work of LEAD.NYC’s initiatives, including Advance, Voca Center and Movement Day NYC. For more information on opportunities to become an essential part of our mission, visit our website.

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